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Curtain Walls

2500 Curtain Wall System












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This structurally engineered curtain wall can accommodate larger openings, providing a great solution for the design parameters for the building envelope. Depending on specific load requirements, framing members are offered in different sizes and internal steel can be inserted within the aluminum framing for extra reinforcement. Integration of Capitol's entrance systems will enhance building design and aesthetics.


  • 2-1/2” face sightline and multiple depths to accommodate most structural and aesthetic project requirements
  • Anodized and painted finishes available with two-color combination capabilities
  • Captured and Structural Silicone Glazed (SSG) options available
  • Accommodates glazed-in ventilator units
  • 1” and 1/4” infills
  • Thermally broken, outside glazed system
  • Accommodates single, twin, and multi-span applications
  • Custom projected and bull-nose face caps available
  • Zone-glazed for exceptional water control
  • Allows for Sun Shade/Light Shelf integration
  • Veneer system available
  • Concealed fastener, shear block assembly for stick erection


Series Overall Size Rating Blind Access Panels Muntins Water Resistance U-Value STC
2500 WALL 2-1/2" x 5-1/2", 6-1/2", 7-1/2", or 8-3/4"

DP = ±60 psf

STP = ±90 psf

YES YES 15 psf NFRC 100-2004

*Varies upon glass make-up or infill type


2500 WALL Photos

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